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Willoughby School prides itself in providing a well-rounded, pupil focussed and caring educational environment, which meets the needs of all pupils. We promote regular school attendance, as it is crucial to achieving the best outcomes for our pupils. We work with parents and carers to overcome any barriers to their child’s attendance and actively monitor attendance to identify problems early, before they have an impact.

We recognise that our parents play an important role in this partnership with school to ensure our pupils gain maximum attendance throughout the academic year.  We are proud of the good attendance levels achieved by all of our pupils at Willoughby School.  This success is due to the co-operation of parents and carers who keep absence to a minimum. The school works very closely with outside agencies, including health and social care professionals and the Lincolnshire County Council Education Welfare Officers, who may become involved to support pupil attendance. Pupils who attend regularly, tend to make good to outstanding progress.

It is expected that unless a pupil is ill they will attend school during term time. The only exception to this is for medical or dental appointments.  We would hope that where possible, these are made out of school hours. If your child is ill, please telephone the before 8:45 to inform us that your child will be absent. The school administative team will call home on the first morning of absence if no message is received. As a school we will not authorise holidays during term time and advise parents that the local authority may impose a fine if a child is taken out of school for a holiday. If your son/daughter has a pre-planned absence, please notify the school office in advance.

Please call 01778 425203 or email to notify us of your child’s absence.