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School Meals

Our school meals are freshly prepared every day in a local kitchen by our suppliers Ideal HSM.

Free School Meals

If you think you may be eligible for free school meals please follow the link below to the Lincolnshire County Council website to check eligibility and apply. Please do apply if you believe your child may be eligible as this also enables the school to access Pupil Premium Funding which will be used to the benefit of your child. Please see the Pupil Premium page for more information.

Free School Meals

Universal Free School Meals

All schools must offer free school meals to all pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2. There is no need to apply, your child will be automatically receive a meal, however you will need to order meals.

Paid for Meals

Parents with children that are not entitled to free school meals can pay for meals directly to our supplier Ideal HSM.

Ordering Meals

All meals whether free or paid for are ordered directly from our supplier via their website. Please follow the link below to visit their website and register.

Ideal HSM

The benefits of a school meal

School meals are nutritious and have to meet healthy eating standards. They are proven to be a more healthy option than most packed lunches. Click on the link below to see more information on helthy eating standards.

Healthy Eating Standards