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The staffing body at Willoughby consists of 15 teaching staff, 45 Teaching Assistants and 15 Support Staff. 

Senior Leadership Team  
James Husbands Headteacher
Nina Prowting Deputy Headteacher
Vicki Billyard Assistant Headteacher
David Tebbutt

Business Manager

Amber Class  
Gemma Richards Teacher 
Abigail O'Connell TA
Nicola Hampton TA 
Sarah Hitchcock TA 
Hannah Foot TA 
Gold Class  
Tracy McKeigue Teacher
Natasha Payne TA 
Katie Curran TA
Sophie Beeby TA
Jade Class  
Katherine Paskin Instructor
Amy Davey Instructor
Danielle Rayner TA
Wendy Smith TA
Ola Jenkins TA
Lilac Class  
Natalie Blackwell Teacher
Dawn Tucker TA
Anna Sargent TA
Tina Crawley TA
Kirsty Skinner  Apprentice
Orange Class  
Pamela Fitton Instructor
Marie Kershaw HLTA
Katy Carford TA
Nikki Booth  TA
Kay Townend TA
Purple Class  
Kelly Wilson Teacher 
Sharon Ward TA
Nicola Szarawarski TA
Maureen Ward TA

Bekki McDonnell

Red Class  
Jess Coupland Teacher
Wendy Waddingham  TA 
Sarah Hitchcock TA
Andy Kisby TA
Abigail Marvell TA
Turquoise Class  
Bernardine Harrison Teacher 
Patricia Gray  TA
Tina Hargrave TA
Jayne Ewles TA 
Jenny Waddingham TA
Kim Armstrong TA
Yellow Class  
Rachel Reid Instructor
Sally Bannister TA
Rebecca Stafford TA 
Elaine Risebrow TA
Academy 1  
Shani Storrie  Teacher 
Lauren Hird TA
Evelyn Cox TA
Nicola Kent  TA 
Michelle Willoughby TA
Academy 2  
Nicola Hill Teacher (Trainee)
Kerryn Van Der Merwe  TA
Michelle Hampson TA 
Lucie Clark  
Support Staff  
Terri Collett Admin Assistant
Kate Michelson Administrator 
Clare Taylor Administrator 
Doug Watson Caretaker
Bridgette Barfield Catering Assistant
Brenda Glover Cleaner
Samantha Price Cleaner 
Michelle Needham Midday Meals
Elysia Hancy Midday Meals
Sue Lane Midday Meals
Caroline Lane Portage Worker

To contact a member of the teaching staff, please do so via the main school telephone number 01778 425203 or via the school email address: