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Values and Ethos 

Safeguarding: To ensure that all members of the Willoughby community are safe, supported and cared for through the application, monitoring and evaluation of all aspects of the safeguarding agenda. Safeguarding is an ethos that is embedded in all policies and practices within our school.

High Achievement: To set high expectations and enable all pupils to experience success in learning.

Our Curriculum: To provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum with rich and varied contexts, allowing pupils to fulfil their potential.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development: To develop principles for distinguishing between right and wrong. To encourage mutual respect, and respect for dignity. To enable pupils to appreciate their own and different beliefs and cultures.

Community Cohesion: To contribute to the achievement of community responsibility, respect, integration, achievement and positive relationships

Our Environment: To provide an environment which is safe, secure, enriching and enjoyable. An environment that takes care of itself for both present and future generations.

Equality of opportunity: To promote equality of opportunity and enable pupils to challenge discrimination, stereotyping and promote the recognition of diversity.

Values: To value, respect and facilitate the contribution of all pupils by working in partnership with them. To promote self-esteem, good health, emotional well-being, independence, and to help pupils to form worthwhile and satisfying relationships.

Preparation for adulthood: To support pupils in becoming advocates for themselves, as independent as possible and able to contribute fully to their communities.

Partnerships: To work together in partnership with parents, carers and supporting agencies in order to support them in meeting expectations for their children.