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  • 18/06/21

    Reuse and Grow Competition

    Jade, Turquoise and Gold Classes have joined forces to enter Lincolnshire Agricultural Society ‘Reuse and Grow Competition’. Pupils were tasked with the challenge of researching, designing and creating a miniature ‘Show’ garden with a key emphasis on reusing plastics.  J...
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  • 10/06/21

    Willoughby Scouts Group

    The first Scouts session took place on Wednesday after school.  Scout Leader Gary taught the group the Scout greeting handshake at the start of the session.  The group started working on their expedition badge, they built dens using sticks, tarpaulin, string and sacks.  The Scouts got...
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  • 25/05/21

    Sacrewell Farm Trip - Aqua Class

    Pupils and staff from Aqua Class enjoyed their trip to Sacrewell farm on Tuesday 25th May.  They had an action packed day, including meeting goats, the resident peacock and other farmyard animals along with pond dipping and exploring the farmyard. 
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  • 21/05/21

    Exploring Bourne Woods

    Pupils from Amber class had a lovely time together exploring Bourne Woods earlier in the week.  They were lucky with the weather and had sunshine between the showers.
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  • 14/05/21

    NRS Healthcare Equipment Scheme

    NRS Healthcare are running an equipment scheme and are accepting specialist service equipment donations. If you have any specialist service equipment (for example wheelchairs, standers) in good condition and no longer in use please email Kate Please do not bring d...
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  • 07/05/21

    Lilac Class - Art Work

    This week, Lilac class have continued to add amazing art work to their Handa’s Surprise classroom display.
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  • 30/04/21

    Dinosaur Museum - Purple Class

    Purrple class are thoroughly enjoying their dinosaur topic and have created a dinosaur museum role play area within the class.  The role play area consists of a resident pterodactyl and a nest of dino eggs.  During the term, class pupils hope to add bones and dig up some fossils to ad...
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  • 23/04/21

    Professional Development Success

    Many congratulations to Willoughby’s Business Manager David Tebbutt for successfully completing his BA (Hons) School Business Management Degree.  The degree has been awarded from the University of Gloucestershire.
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  • 01/04/21

    New Willoughby Minibus

    We have some exciting news to share.  On Monday Willoughby took delivery of a brand-new minibus.  Willoughby Academy received funding from Lord's Taverners charity, in addition to this we raised £18,000 as a self help donation. Parent and fundraiser Micky Stokes raised money from...
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  • 26/03/21

    Lego Donation

    We would like to thank Judith Edge from Liberty Partnership for the generous £100 Lego E-Gift card.  Micky Stokes, parent and fundraiser, has kindly selected a range of Lego sets in preparation for the Willoughby Lego club.  Pictured are pupils Gabriella, Liam, Diontie and Ben from A...
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  • 19/03/21

    Comic Relief Day - Superheroes

    Today has been super!!!  We have seen Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, X-Men and The Incredibles, you name the hero and we can guarantee they have been at Willoughby today.  Students from across the school have taken part in a variety of activities including; obstacle...
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  • 11/03/21

    Young Artist of the Year Competition

    Last October Willoughby participated in the Rotary Club’s Young Artist of the Year competition.  The theme was ‘Wild in Nature’.  On Thursday we welcomed Steve Powell from the Rotary Club to present prizes to two students. Jessica from Jade class won second prize of...
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